Feta and Olives in a Jar

Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

Another idea for gift baskets, the feta is off course wonderful to add to salads!This works out much cheaper making it yourself then buying it.

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  1. Dry the cheese with paper kitchen towel, cut into 1-inch cubes.
  2. Add to a jar, alternating with the other ingredients.
  3. Fill the jar with the olive oil, seal and leave for one week in a cool dark place so the flavors have time to develop.
  4. After opening keep the feta in the fridge.
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It is not abnormal for olive oil to get cloudy when kept in the fridge. It will return to normal at room temparture and it will not affect the taste of the recipe.

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Great flavor! However, when I refrigerated the dish, the olive oil got a little goopy. Still tastes very very good, but I was a little surprised to see the change in the olive oil. This would make a very pretty addition to a gift basket. Using good quality feta is the key! Thanks for a very nice recipe.

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Good stuff here!!! I did use a chipotle chili. This would be a nice addition to a table of Mezethes with bottle of wine and or ouzo. Great Party food! Some crusty bread good company and the rest will follow! Stin iyia mas!