Fresh Fruit With Rose Water Syrup

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Total Time
30 mins
15 mins

This will leave your guests wondering what the mystery flavor is. Posted for Zaar World Tour IV- Greece.

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  1. Stir 1 1/2 cups water and sugar in heavy medium saucepan over medium-low heat until sugar dissolves. Increase heat to medium-high. Add cinnamon; boil until syrup is reduced to scant 1 cup, about 10 minutes. Mix in rose water; cool.
  2. Using small sharp knife, cut off peel and white pith from oranges. Working over large bowl, cut between membranes to release segments into bowl. Add grapes, berries and pear; toss to combine. Mix in syrup. (Can be prepared 2 hours ahead. Cover and refrigerate.)
  3. Spoon fruit and syrup into 6 bowls.