Garlic Breath Greek Dip

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Total Time
5 mins
2 mins

A wonderfully garlicky dip to be served with Pita Bread wedges or fresh veggies. So simple yet so tasty.

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  1. Combine the feta cheese, sour cream, yogurt and garlic in the container of a food processor or blender.
  2. Pulse briefly until garlic is minced; spoon into a serving dish (a hollowed out Eggplant would be a creative idea), and season with salt and pepper.
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Whipped this up yesterday with intentions of having it with dinner, but instead ate it with fresh veggies for my lunch. = ) Quick, easy, and good but not as thick as a typical dip so next time I might bump up the sour cream a bit. And make sure you have a toothbrush handy afterwards........... between the feta and the garlic, you'll need it..LOL