Greek Bruschetta

Total Time
1 min
3 mins

Rustic, golden-brown bread slices - crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside. Drizzled with great olive oil, sea salt and Mediterranean oregano. That's really the recipe right there. You'll love this.

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  1. Slice the bread 1 inch thick; grill on the bbq or under the grill in the oven until golden and crusty outside, but still soft and chewy inside- this takes about a minute per side, but it really depends on your grill temperature; drizzle with the olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt and oregano, to taste; enjoy!
  2. I haven't really put down the number of servings cause you can make as many as you like, but count on a couple of slices per person cause they're so delicious.
  3. Note: you can do a variation on this by rubbing a cut garlic clove on the grilled bread before adding the remaining ingredients.
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Very yummy! Never thought of salting bread, but it gives it a nice flavor. I followed other reviewers and also added some minced garlic too.

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So good! So quick! So easy! You can't go wrong. The taste was lovely and light. I followed the directions as posted and was very pleased with the results!

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Great recipe! I used Zupse Bread Swiss Bread Zupse Bread Swiss Bread for making it and used garlic flavoured olive oil. It was excellent topped with cut up fresh tomatoes, parma ham and a bit of basil.