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Evelyn, I wanted to thank you for posting all your recipes (especially the ones I'm about to rate.) You have become a staple in my kitchen!! I made this lamb for the Friday after Thanksgiving. I have a friend who raises grass-fed, non-GMO, no hormone, etc etc lamb. So I bought 1/2 a lamb. I knew for any lamb recipe, Evelyn is my go-to lady!! This was fantastic. I followed the recipe exactly, my leg roast may not have been quite 6 lbs. I used fresh herbs. I let it marinate longer than overnight. I served it with Cherry Tomato and Zucchini Sauté and Broccoli with Lemon-Garlic Crumbs I also used tiny potatoes. It was so lovely!! My Father-in-law RAVED about how fantastic the dinner was. Thank you so much, Evelyn!!

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HeatherN November 27, 2010

Fantastic! Really enjoyed this. Trying it again tonight, with only 1/2 cup of lemon juice and a little more wine to compensate. This actually worked out better, since I zested and juiced two lemons, which was 1/2 a cup of juice, so I only needed two lemons...last time I needed 3 to get enough juice. The lemon flavour is great, but I think it will be a better balanced taste with less juice and more wine. In any case, I highly recommend trying this recipe.

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dougmgreen April 08, 2006

I had used a whole boneless leg of lamb with fresh herbs. Marinated it for 3 days, because plans got changed at the last minute. We cooked the lamb and potatoes for 1 hour before I had to take the lamb out. If we left it in any longer, it would have been overcooked. Meanwhile the potatoes were not quite cooked and I had to zap them in the microwave to finish them off. Next time, I will put the lamb on the barbecue and roast baby potatoes in the oven (3-4 per person - we had way to much leftovers) Loved the seasonings on the roast, especially using fresh herbs....that was top drawer!!! I would definately do this roast again, just change the method of cooking! Kudos, Evelyn on a wonderful recipe!!

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Abby Girl March 22, 2009

This was a very good recipe for a special occasion; Christmas Day for me. Being single, I decided to get three slices of Leg of Lamb (2lbs) instead of a whole leg. I had to reduce the amount of ingredients, cooking time and turned & based half way through. I also made a side dish of Feta Cheese with olive oil & spices... and a Lemon, dry mint and butter sauce as well. Thanks Evelyn for taking me back to Greece for a day! Pass the wine please...

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Skipper/Sy December 26, 2003

This was excellent. My first time making lamb and it was our own home raised lamb. I had a boneless roast although don't know the weight. Based on some other recipes, I started the potatoes (Reds, unpeeled, cut in half) 30 min before I put the roast in, with the marinade, covered in foil. The other recipe I had said 35 minutes at 400 degrees for a boneless roast, but make sure to use a meat thermometer. It was a lot longer than 35 minutes - more like an hour to an hour and a half, but I cooked it to 135 degrees and then let it sit covered with foil for about 20 minutes and it was perfect.

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sheepdoc February 23, 2014

I made this roast for Easter and it was fantastic! I published the first picture here. I roasted vegetables under the roast with the marinade. I forgot to coat them with oil first and that is why they are black with carmelization (piled at top of photo), but they were yummy! This recipe is a keeper. Thank you for posting!

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Gail B. May 02, 2011

This was great! What a flavourful marindade and herb rub, we loved this! I served with a nice Greek salad too and an even nicer bottle of cab sav. I had a 1.5kg lamb (half the recipe) but still required the full cooking time to get it done properly. Thanks for a wonderful recipe Evelyn!

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currybunny June 14, 2005

Beautiful, wonderful, glorious recipe!! I would add that for those of you who do not have a supermarket that offers lamb.....I used two 1 1/2 lb pork tenderloins and cooked for 30 mins per pound and it came out great!

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tiffany.hilyer January 28, 2015

My lamb roast came out delicious except for one issue in your recipe. It states to place the potatoes at the bottom of your roasting pan to cook while the roast is. Well those potatoes burned to a crisp since the time to cook the roast was way more than a potato alone. Besides that I served my dinner with Saganaki, Greek Salad, and Spanekopeta

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Donna D. January 30, 2014

Thanks for your recipes. However I question your generalisation that Greeks only eat lamb well cooked. My experiences after seven years of living in a Greek village in Crete is that this is too general a statement. It is very common for lamb to be cooked on large open fires, especially at Easter and other festivals and celebrations. The very nature of open fire cooking is that, despite several hours cooking the meat is usually well done on the outside and still very pink on the inside. It all gets eaten with great enthusiasm, usually using bare hands! The statement is akin to saying that all English people like soggy fish and chips covered in mushy peas, some do and some do not.<br/><br/>As I read this my fire is burning in the bread oven and I am about to try your recipe. Thanks for publishing it.

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DaveInCrete March 31, 2013
Greek Roast Leg of Lamb with Potatoes