Greek Style Lamb Marinade

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Total Time
24hrs 2mins
2 mins
24 hrs

From a community cookbook. It will cover 4-5 lbs of lamb. Nice on leg of lamb. Serve with rice pilaf or orzo.

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  1. Mix all ingredients and pour over the lamb.
  2. Marinate 24 hours or at least overnight, covered, in the refrigerator.
  3. Grill meat.
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This is an absolutely delicious marinade. I let is soak for about 30 hours and the flavors went through the entire 5lb. roast. I served it with Tatziki sauce and it tasted exactly like gyros. Thanks for the great recipe.

I have been using this combination of ingredients for years. I normally use at least 3/4 cup of wine but lighten up on the garlic a little.