Mediterranean Tuna Salad

Total Time
25 mins
0 mins

This recipe was given to me by a friend of my sister's, who is a nutritionist/dietitian for a living. I thought it might be bad, but holy crap it was so easy to make and tasted like heaven. Even if you don't like one of the ingredients, try it and THEN judge! ;o)

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  1. Cook rice according to package directions; after, set aside to cool.
  2. While rice cools, steam the green beans until tender-crisp; then rinse under cold, running water.
  3. Transfer the green beans to a large serving bowl and add the celery, bell pepper, onion and basil.
  4. Add the rice and dressing (the dressing is comprised of the last 4 ingredients listed).
  5. Toss to combine, then add tuna.
  6. Toss to combine and eat immediately or cover and refrigerate until serving time. (I prefer to refrigerate for a few hours.).
  7. (Additional notes: you can also use frozen green beans in lieu of fresh for the recipe if necessary, but please use FRESH basil! It makes all the difference to not be using a dried spice. Also, I love to serve these as tacos/burritos on whole wheat tortillas, but you can serve them however you want!).