Phyllo Flutes With Walnuts and Tahini

Total Time
30 mins
12 mins

A lovely dessert from "The Glorious Foods of Greece" by Diane Kochilas. A Lenten specialty (no butter) from Macedonia. I like to add bourbon-soaked raisins (Bourbon (or Rum) Raisins) along with the nuts and cinnamon. These are great for parties.

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  1. Beat together the tahini and sugar at high speed until smooth and creamy--about five minutes.
  2. As you whip, add the water, as much as you need toget the mixture to the consistency of creamy peanut butter.
  3. Once mixture is creamy, using a wooden spoon, stir in the walnuts and cinnamon and, if you like, the raisins, and combine well.
  4. Pre-heat the oven to 350°F and lightly oil two sheet pans.
  5. Open out the phyllo and cut it into three horizontal strips--you will have three piles of 6 inch strips which you will stack together and a damp kitchen towel.
  6. Take a strip, oil it sparingly, place a second strip on top.
  7. Place a tablespoon of filling in the bottom center of the double strip, fold in the sides and then roll up to make a tight cylinder.
  8. Place seam side down on the sheet pan.
  9. Continue with the remaining phyllo and filling until used up.
  10. Bake the flute until lightly golden--about ten to twelve minutes.
  11. Remove and cool slightly, but while still warm, sprinkle generously with confectioners' sugar.
  12. Store in tins in a cool, dry place--the flutes will keep for about five days (in theory--when I've made them, they've all been eaten right away).