Spinach in Creamy Feta Sauce

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Total Time
5 mins
10 mins

Greek flavor with a Southern twist. I love Southern-style creamed spinach, but I also love the combination of spinach and feta found in Greek cookery. This recipe pulls it all together. You could really dress this up by topping with buttered breadcrumbs and baking until the top is crunchy.

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  • 10 ounces frozen spinach, thawed and squeezed dry
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 2 tablespoons flour
  • 1 14 cups milk, warmed (not skim)
  • 14-12 cup feta, crumbled (1/4 cup gives a nice subtle flavor)
  • salt and pepper


  1. Have prepared spinach ready next to stove. Melt the butter in a wide saucepan. Whisk in the flour and cook, stirring constantly (don't let it brown).
  2. Add warmed milk slowly, whisking at the same time. Boil until sauce thickens, then lower heat. Continue whisking and add feta, cook 2-3 minutes over low heat.
  3. Stir in spinach until thoroughly coated with sauce and heated through. Season with salt and pepper, to taste. Serve immediately.