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This was so good! Thanks for setting up this project during our visit, otherwise I might have been scared off by the 5 boxes of spinach. You also showed that this recipe isn't fussy about the proportions of cheeses. I guess there really is no better way to get the water out of the spinach than pressing it with your hands. Some tasks just require a little bit of patience. Thank you for this keeper!

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KateL September 22, 2012

LOVE Spanakopita; LOVED this Spanakopita. Loved the blend of cheeses and the inclusion of parsley and dill, and the fact that this was a low-fat recipe. Like KITTENCAL, I had to add garlic and I also added pine nuts as I love them with spinach and love the textural variation they provide. :) I otherwise followed the recipe exactly and wouldn't want to change a thing. Because this was so delicious, I was SO glad that I hadn't halved the recipe. We enjoyed this immensely over several nights - and for lunches. Thank you for sharing yet another super recipe. Made for PRMR.

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bluemoon downunder August 15, 2009

A winner every time! Fab-U-Lous! Made with dried parsley and dill, and mixed by hand, and even using the spray butter, it didn't miss! Oh - I also added a large clove of pressed garlic cuz that's how I roll ....

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nyshogirl April 19, 2008

This was my first time even tasting Spanakopita and I am in love! What a simple but fabulous combination of flavors and textures. I made it just as written except that I halved it since there are only three of us. I used the original amount of phyllo dough however, because I wanted to try to maintain the height of the dish, just on a smaller scale. I used an 8x11 inch dish and it worked great for us. I did use the cooking spray on the phyllo layers instead of butter because not only does it cut down on the fat and calories, but it's faster, too! I did use butter on the top as suggested by the chef. The scoring part confused me because I am geometrically challenged, but BF helped me with that part. Thank you sooo much for a new favorite!

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little_wing March 04, 2008

Made for Make it healthier tag game. I used less phyllo so just used it for the top and omitted the cottage cheese (just personal preference) and eggs (to reduce cholesterol). Also we didn't use the full amount of butter. Thanks, we will make this again! :)

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Pie Queen February 11, 2008

I finally got around to making this recipe, I would have made it sooner but I was out of scallions and wanted to make this as stated something that is rare for me to do, well almost as stated, I did add in 1 heaping tablespoons of fresh garlic while sauteeing the scallions I cannot cook without garlic! and I also reduced the fresh parsley very slightly otherwise this recipe is simply wonderful, I am always on the lookout for new Spanikopita recipes and this is one I will make again in the future, thank you for sharing 2Blue....Kitten :)

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Kittencal@recipezazz December 11, 2007

The butter was a bit too overwhelming (internet friends need less butter), otherwise this is a very good recipe for Spanikopita. Cheers. I recommend using olive oil between the sheets of phyllo instead -- and agree with the addition of more feta and less cottage and/or cream cheese.

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rs December 03, 2007

This tastes delicious. I left out the parsley and used one leek in lieu of the scallions, merely because this is what I had in the larder. The phyllo stays crispy on the bottom, and the cheese mixture is very good. Next time I'll use a little more feta than cottage cheese for more of a bite, but I like the creaminess it lends to the mixture. All in all, a winner. I can't wait to serve this to group who comes to my house. This is a great vegetarian main, especially with a Greek salad.

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Kirby November 26, 2007
Tip's Spanakopita (Spinach Pie)