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I have Greek friends who serve tyropita triangles at parties all the time but they get them from an older lady who makes them out of her house. I swear this recipe is a closely guarded! I was happy to come across this one because it sounds like the real deal. The filling is tasty but the phyllo was not light and crunchy-it was kind of soggy. Next time, I would halve the recipe because the filling is really thick. Or, I would make the more traditional, albeit time-consuming, phyllo triangles so that you get more crunch per bite. I did pre-cut these which was easier than I thought however the end result was that the phyllo separated and the cheese kind of oozed out. I might consider upping to temp to 325 next time.

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RecipeJunkie8 June 16, 2009

zomg this makes so much! i quartered the recipe and made little phyllo wrapped triangles. made about 20 even with 1/4 the filling described here. very tasty! discovered something odd tho: when made with puff pastry instead of phyllo it changes the filling flavor a lot! much milder and less salty, more creamy. worth trying anyway

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spiritussancto December 05, 2008

Easy and very good. ALL 20 people I served it to loved it. Don't know that I would cut the squares before baking.......the fillo separated and the top does not brown at all at 300.

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Oldrecipe October 04, 2005
Virginia's Greek Tyropita